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Why is Star2Star the leader in VoIP and Unified Communications?  

It's all About the Products and Features!

Pooling & Bursting Lines
Unite your locations and dramatically slash your costs.

Advanced Call Center
Improve your call center’s performance with StarCenter™ 

Mobile Applications
A full IP telephone application with advanced presence

Employees can attend meetings without leaving their desks 

CRM Integration
Fully utilize data for faster, more personalized service.

Call Recording
Save calls for later use.

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery
Always have a reliable phone connection.

Fax: StarFax™ Classic, StarFax™ Personal, & StarFax™ Mobile
Fax with or without a traditional fax machine.

Presence Management: StarScope™ 2
Monitor and control all of your communications.

VideoConferencing: StarVideo
Connects employees face-to-face at the touch of a button.

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